Celebrations of Life, Commemorations & Memorials

Sometimes it is neither practical, desirable nor appropriate to give a loved-one the sort of send-off you would like (or indeed they would have liked) at the same time or in the same location as the actual funeral rite. Very often a small family funeral might be followed (or preceded) by a wonderful service of thanksgiving for the life of their relative.

In these increasingly secular times, religion and the church have become markedly less important in the roles they play in the rites of passage throughout our lives. When a person wasn’t really that interested in religion during their lifetime it can seem uncomfortable to those closest to them to have to gather in a church or chapel with a priest or minister in order to reminisce and celebrate a remarkable life with the deceased’s wider and varied circle of friends and colleagues or the local community. In these circumstances it is possible to hold a celebration, commemoration or memorial at a more appropriate venue and with a more appropriate Humanist Celebrant and thus maintain the integrity of the life lived.

Moreover, the most uplifting and celebratory experience might be achieved through the playing of favourite music and songs or the reading of wonderful poetry and prose; all of which might seem incongruous if performed in a church but which absolutely should play a part in any honest and dignified celebration of a life.

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